1962 Avalair

Go-Go is a gal that likes to get out and, well, Go! She’s got places to go and people to meet and nothing would please her more than to have it be your place, and your people!

Lounge a-Go-Go provides a unique, enjoyable mobile solution for your get-together needs. There’s seating for twelve, with heating and air-conditioning to keep you and your guests lounging at optimal temperature. More than twelve? Spill on out to the outdoor, awning-covered area. Go-Go has a fridge and wine cooler to keep your snacks and beverages chilled. A Bose mini sound system with Bluetooth capability will play music suiting whatever mood you fancy.

StarBurst1Go-Go may be an old-fashioned girl, but she’s got plenty of new-fangled ideas: Wedding lounge, dressing room, groomsmen lair, proposals, business meeting room, tasting space, parties, book-clubs, pop-up stores—the possibilities are limited only by the limits of imagination.

We’ll bring her over, get her stabilized and situated and come back and pick her up and take her home when your event is done. What’s more simple than that?